Taste the Freshness

Providing delicious sanitized water and Fresh sanitized air for your office

Safe, healthy & sanitized water at the push of a button. 24/7 air sanitization for you and your employees’ peace of mind.

Clean air & water? Critical for your office and staff.

Water is water and air is air, right? Nope. Not at all. There’s also SAFE water and air.

We’ve always known that water isn’t just water here at Capital Premium Water. Our customers demand smarter water. Water that is not only purified but also contains all the right minerals. So, it has the electrolytes and nutrients that balance its pH to make it remarkably healthy water.

Keeping your water sanitized and free from bacteria is just as important.

Our bottleless coolers do all of the above. But it’s not just about water. We live in a new world where a sanitized working environment is just as important as the water we drink. And that starts with fresh, clean, sanitized breathing air. Our state-of-the-art air sanitizers exceed HEPA standards by removing particles and viruses from the air down to .007 microns.

Our Products


The Newly Designed W9 Water Cooler Uses Internal 5-Stage RO Filtration and Touchless Sensor Operation for Ultimate Safety and Sleek Water-Dispensing Experience


The Newly Designed W9CT Water Cooler Uses the Same Internal 5-Stage Filtration and Touchless Operation Designed to Fit Conveniently on Your Breakroom Countertop


A Smart Cooler Perfect for Larger Offices with Its 2.1 Gallon Stainless Steel Cold Reservoir, Customizable Display, and Both Touch Activated Sensors and ‘Self-Dispense Pad’

Deluxe Air Filter

New and More Powerful, Professional 9-Stage DFS AirPurification System

Why Bottleless?

pH Balanced

pH balanced water promotes good health by buffering acids and promoting bone health.

Environmentally Friendly

Be part of the solution! 67 million bottles are thrown away each day with only a 10% recycle rate.

Cost Effective

Cheaper than paying for all those bottles! Plus all that extra time it takes to change them out.

9-Stage Filtration

Purifies water by eliminating contaminants and adds immunity detoxification. Tastes great too!


Studies show that bottled water can contain phtalates, mold, microbes, benzene, and more. Yuck!

Avoid Injury

Those 5 gallon bottles are heavy! Don’t throw out your back when we can do that work for you.

Reduce Environmental Waste!

17 billion barrels of oil are used annually for plastic bottles.

30 billion bottles are put in landfills every year!