Deluxe Air Purifier

The Deluxe is a portable, easy to maintain, efficient air purification unit. Each and every unit that leaves our facilities is independently tested to meet and exceed the HEPA industry standard (99.97% at .3 micron). Our Deluxe model comes with a heavy-duty commercial-grade gas and odor filter which eliminates most gases and the patented DFS technology can remove harmful viruses, mold, and bacteria, leaving nothing but fresh, pure, healthy air in your space.

(DFS Technology – VOC Filter – Up to 1,200 sqft)

Deluxe Air Purifier Features

  • Particle efficiency – 99% down to 0.007 micron
  • Newly designed ultra efficient EC motor with turbo setting.
  • 7-stage VOC adsorption filter for heavy removal of harmful airborne microorganisms, chemicals, offensive gases, odors, and smoke.
  • Less dust and dander, pollen, dust mite waste, bacteria, mold, fungi, and virus protection.
  • This revolutionary technology reduces bioburden and inhibits microorganism growth through microbiostasis conditions.
  • Each unit is individually tested to meet and exceed the HEPA industry standard (99.97 at .3 micron).


How is HealthWay’s DFS technology different from UV light air purifiers?

UV Light

UV light purifiers use UV-C light, also known as germicidal light. It harms cells by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, which either kills them or leaves them incapacitated. These cells have to be exposed to UV-C light for long periods of time for this to work.

One of the biggest concerns with UV-C light is that it can produce various levels of ozone. Even small levels of ozone can cause lung irritation, chest pain shortness of breath, and coughing.

DFS Technology

Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology uses a high-energy grid, creating microbiostasis condition which prevents anything from being able to live or grow inside the filter. DFS has been studied and is one of the only technologies proven to capture 99.99% of particles as small as 0.007 micron in size. This includes harmful viruses, mold, fungi, bacteria, VOCs, and ultrafine particles.

DFS achieves total system efficiency, meaning every air purifier achieves greater than 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 micron. HealthWay units are individually tested to meet and exceed HEPA industry standards and have been 3rd party tested to uphold rigorous standards such as Intertek Zero Ozone and EN 1822.

How does HealthWay’s DFS technology deal with COVID-19?

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, HealthWay® has conducted a series of tests to show the efficiency of DFS technology on the capture and permanent removal of airborne viruses and bacteria. World-renowned Infection Control expert and an advisor to the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the World Health Organization, Dr. Syed Sattar, conducted his studies in a chamber that was built to follow U.S. EPA guidelines.

DFS technology was proven to remove from the air a proxy virus for SARS-CoV-2 (RNA virus MS2)1: The results of this data show 99.987% elimination in 10 minutes of the surrogate which is .03 micron in size. The test also showed that there was 100% elimination in 45 minutes and again 100% at 24 hours indicating no reintroduction of the proxy virus. HealthWay® can’t promise to prevent you from getting COVID-19. We recommend that you review COVID-19 related information from the CDC and other reliable resources for more information.

What is the value of air purification in the commercial building industry?

We are seeing a large trend now more than ever of people demanding clean, indoor air.

Among renters, employees, and business owners, people are carefully analyzing the spaces in which they occupy. Facilities around the globe are looking at cleanliness from all perspectives, especially air quality, to ensure that their facilities continue to be utilized and trusted.

What square footage does the Deluxe Unit cover?
The Deluxe Unit effectively cleans a 1,200 square foot room with a standard ceiling height of 8.5 feet. It will also provide up to 2 additional air exchanges per hour in this size space.

This unit also comes equipped with a heavy-duty commercial-grade VOC absorption filter. The Deluxe Unit is a great option for spaces that need extra gas and odor removal. For example, newly built or renovated homes, offices, and hotels.